Goals For 2018

So this might be a little late (yeah, just a little Jadey- like it's 11 days into the new year now), but I mean it's pretty much mandatory to do a new year goal list right? So I'm doing one anyway. It's never too late to set some goals in your life (sounds deep, but... Continue Reading →


2017 Favourites

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you've all had a truly magical welcome to the new year! If not, no worries- it's only another day of the week anyway. I spent the New Years at my housemate's house so that's why this post is a little late. 2017 was a really poor year for me for... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Disney Film Scenes

Hey guys!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas surrounded by loved ones and copious amounts of food! I certainly did, I think I've pretty much turned into a mince pie at this point. Oops. To get me back in the swing of things with blogging, I thought I'd jump in right at the... Continue Reading →

Winter Bucket List

This is probably going to sound crazy to some of you since it's been freezing for ages but... IT'S OFFICIALLY WINTER!! Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year! Because of this, I've pretty much been snuggled up by the fire with my dogs all afternoon. I'm currently home with my parents,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Winter Animals

Hey everybody! We're getting so close to Christmas now and I'm starting to get really excited! But did you know that Winter doesn't technically start until tomorrow, the 21st of December? It's weird because my birthday was only the other day and I always thought I was a Winter baby- turns out I'm actually an... Continue Reading →

My 21st Birthday!

Hey guys! Yesterday was the 18th of December- which just so happens to be my birthday! I turned 21, which is crazy to me since I still forget I'm no longer a teen. The question that people tend to ask you on your birthday is 'do you feel any different?' and my usual response is... Continue Reading →

Stocking fillers for under £5

IT'S JUST OVER A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Which means if you're anything like me, you still have a fair amount of presents to get. So what I thought I'd do since I'm looking for the last little presents for people anyway is suggest a few for you guys! And since I'm pretty much a completely... Continue Reading →

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