The Robin

As you’re all probably aware since I don’t really stop going on about it, I’m a Zoology student. And one of the main reasons I started up this blog was to spread my enthusiasm for animals with everybody! So what I thought would be a great animal to start with since we’re in the most Christmassy of times, is the humble robin.

Now I’m more of a generalist when it comes to which animals I’m interested in, whereas a lot of my friends are dedicated birders. Nevertheless, it’s plain to see that they’re all super cool.. I mean for starters they’re living dinosaurs (here‘s a cool blog post explaining this is you’re interested!) and most species can fly?? Amazing. 

But here’s a few reasons why robins in particular are pretty cool…

They’re feisty

‘Did you just call me CUTE?’

Yep that’s right- feisty. Robins are very territorial animals, and have been known to fight to the death. In fact, that’s what the robin’s red breast is for; it’s used in territory defense. If a robin sees a patch of red in its dominion, territorial behaviour is triggered in the bird. This is why they’re known to persistently attack fake stuffed robins; seeing the patch of red is basically a sign to be like ‘oi you. yeah, you! get out of my garden!’.

They’re one of the only UK birds you’ll hear on Christmas day

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Since they’re territorial all year round, they sing all year round. The song acts as a warning to other robins, telling them to back off. But since most birds don’t hold a territory year round, they’re one of the only birds you’ll hear on Christmas day! Meaning they’re basically the essence of Christmas. Basically. So next time you’re out in the garden making a snowman or going out on a Christmas walk, listen out for those angry robin noises! (Here‘s a clip of what they sound like if you’re interested).

They’re all about the singing 


Yep, these little birds just looove to sing. If you’re a light sleeper like me and have ever been woken up by the birds singing in the morning, it was probably by these guys. They’re one of the first to start singing the dawn chorus, and one of the last to stop singing at night. But they’re so cute. And small. So we can let them off right?

They’re our national bird 


In 1960 (December 15th to be exact), the robin was named as Britain’s National Bird. Now, there’s not a whole lot convincing me to be patriotic lately, but a cute little round bird that sings all year and doesn’t like others in its space? That I can get behind.

I hope by reading this post you’ve learnt something new about the dear little robin! They really are great birds. Do you have a favourite Christmas animal? Or any interesting bird facts? Tell me about it in the comments!

Thank you for reading and best wishes,



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